CHEPS seminar

Research and Teaching Opportunities

Graduate students have ample opportunities to join economics faculty in their research program. These opportunities provide students with research experience and a deeper understanding of the academic research process. A number of these collaborations have led to publications in peer-reviewed journals, examples include:

Center for Health Economics & Policy Studies

Center for Health Economics & Policy Studies (CHEPS) is an interdisciplinary research center that supports impactful, policy relevant scholarship in the areas of health economics and social policy analysis. It brings together faculty and students engaged in complementary research in the areas of national defense policy, economic demography, the economics of crime and punishment, and the economics of risky health behaviors. 

For more information contact: CHEPS Director, Joseph Sabia at [email protected].

Teaching Opportunities

The economics department regularly hires outstanding graduate students to work in the Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA) program. Following a period of training in e ̇ective teaching methods, GTA's will have the opportunity to teach their own section of Principles of Micro/Macro. This is a unique experience for students at the M.A. level and is a tremendous resume builder for students interested in both academia and careers in the private sector.

To be considered for the GTA program, students must have advanced to candidacy and be in good standing with the department. GTA's are generally selected in the middle of the Spring semester and go through training over the summer in preparation for teaching their own classes in the following Fall semester. Those GTA's who wish to teach in the Spring semester of their 2nd year will have an opportunity to do so, providing they had satisfactory performance in their first teaching semester.

For more information contact: Graduate Advisors, Ryan Abman at [email protected] or Ed Balsdon at [email protected].